Happy Guy 56529562_4Why did I receive a survey?
We use market research to help us decide to whom we send surveys. We target adults who we believe are engaged in current events and have views to share regarding financial reform, energy development, gun control, taxation and health care.

Where do the surveys go?
Surveys go to a collection center, are data entered and then sent to the leadership of both houses of Congress, and also used for various marketing research purposes.

What are the current results of the survey?
Questions on the survey and the current sentiment of the public changes, but a recent compilation of answers from our June 2013 survey can be found here.

Who is Congressional Monitor?
Congressional Monitor Inc. is a private, for profit business incorporated in Washington DC. Please address correspondence to us to our Post Office Box:

Congressional Monitor
PO Box 91984
Washington DC 20090

Our address of record is:
Congressional Monitor
1090 Vermont Ave NW
Washington DC 20005

Wind FarmCan I e-mail Congressional Monitor?
Yes, click here to send an e-mail.

Can I get a copy of the survey results?
Survey results are provided to the leadership of Congress. If you are a member of Congress and want to be included in the survey results distribution please contact us.

Who hires you to do surveys?
Market research firms and private businesses hire us to do various surveys.

How do I contact my Congressional representatives directly?
Click here to get contact information for your representatives.

I don’t want to get any direct mail; how do I get off your list?
We rent outside lists based on our market research. We use the Direct Marketing Association’s Mail Preference Service to remove the addresses of individuals who don’t want to get unsolicited mail. You can manage the type of mail you receive by going to the DMA’s site here. There is no cost to you for this service.

Can I fill out a survey on line?
We only support the paper version at this time.

Am I required to reply to the survey?
Your participation is completely voluntary and greatly appreciated.